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Marta Ruscello, our expert in Additive Manufacturing for Orthotics and Prosthetics, is looking forward to hearing from you.


With our expertise in Additive Manufacturing and chemical technologies, we offer orthopedists a bespoke solution through all steps along the whole 3D printing process – from simulation and design to printing and post-processing.

Our experts are here to unlock the full potential of Additive Manufacturing for a vast array of medical devices.

Lattice Development

Lattice structures hold tremendous potential for a variety of devices in O&P. While creating lattices with traditional manufacturing can be challenging, Additive Manufacturing makes them accessible – easy, quick and highly individualized. Our experts identify and design the optimal lattice structure for each project, cutting development time and cost by minimizing iterations.

Load Stress Simulation

We identify and eliminate possible weaknesses of component way ahead of production, ensuring the 3D printed devices are a full success. Our experts leverage a set of material models to avoid any warping, delamination and deformation – saving time and cost.



Printing Services

We are here to support O&P professionals with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for their Additive Manufacturing production environment. Our trusted partners guarantee high-quality printed parts – complemented by various post-processing methods to achieve the desired surface finish.




We at Forward AM offer one of the broadest material portfolios covering all major technologies – from filaments and powders to photopolymers, complemented by cutting-edge post-processing methods and coatings for the colorful finishing touches.


Our Ultrasint® polymer powders set new standards in Additive Manufacturing for O&P as they enable various orthopedic applications requiring shock absorption, energy return or flexibility. Prosthetic sockets printed with our TPU are just one prime example of what's possible with Ultrasint® powders fulfilling the highest quality standards.



Our Ultrafuse® filaments convince with an extensive product range – from engineering-grade and reinforced to flexible filaments, enabling countless orthopedic applications. No matter if strong support is needed for e.g facemasks or a lighter material for flexible orthoses - our experts in Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) give support in identifying the right material for each application.



Our Ultracur3D® photopolymers are based on BASF‘s decades of experience in polyurethane research and production. Benefit from the broad range of advanced photopolymer resins for medical applications - from orthopedic components to a full material line dedicated to dental applications like models and molds.


Let‘s talk!

Marta Ruscello, our expert in Additive Manufacturing for Orthotics and Prosthetics, is looking forward to hearing from you.

Use Cases & Whitepapers

Discover real life projects and find out about 3D printing for orthotics and prosthetics professionals in our knowledge base.


"Navigating 3D Printing for the Healthcare Industry"

Read our whitepaper to discover more about certifications and regulatory considerations for healthcare applications, 3D printing design workflow for the healthcare industry, material selection for additive manufacturing healthcare projects and real-life use cases.


"3D Printing in Orthopedics"

In this webinar we’re hosting together with the medtech company Spentys, we will provide a practical framework that helps you choosing the ideal material for different orthopedic applications.

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"3D Printing Accuracy of Ultracur3D® DM 2505"

With Additive Manufacturing, dental models can now be manufactured at high speed and reasonably low cost with unprecedented level of accuracy. In this study, the printing accuracy of our resin Ultracur3D® DM 2505 on the 3D dental printer Organical® 3D Print X1S from Organical CAD/CAM is being examined.



3D Printing Workflow for Orthotics and Prosthetics Professionals


 O&P professionals integrate 3D printing to their workflow more and more - read all about a real-life example of a wrist cast.




Improving Fitting and Comfort of ProsFit Prosthetics Sockets

Today amputees requiring prosthetic limbs have to put up with often uncomfortable, poorly fitting sockets. A collaboration between ProsFit and Forward AM now looks set to raise their quality of life.


Innovating with Exoskeleton Orthotics for Spinal Cord Injury

Discover how a team from Delft University of Technology 3D prints an exoskeleton with Forward AM's filaments.




Integrating 3D Printing to Spentys' Orthotics Fabrication Workflow

See how Forward AM worked with orthotics provider Spentys to create 3D printed orthoses enabling healthcare providers to create high-quality, patient-specific orthoses faster and with increased comfort for patients.



How Additive Manufacturing Lends a Helping Hand

Read about how the Victoria Hand Project makes highly functional prosthetic devices possible for developing countries - 3D printed on-site and on-demand with Forward AM’s filament Ultrafuse® PLA, and with the help of a dedicated network of clinicians.


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