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Sinterit is a global supplier of 3D printing solutions that empowers

professionals with SLS-enabled capabilities,

the most powerful 3D printing technology.

Sinterit Printers and Materials

Lisa PRO
Compact Series

Lisa Pro

Build volume: 130x180x330 [mm]
Lisa X SLS 3D printer is new, much faster and bigger compact machine.
Compatible Materials Enabled by BASF:
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Compact Series

Lisa X

Build volume: 130 x 180 x 330 mm
Lisa X SLS 3D printer is new, much faster and bigger compact machine.
Compatible Materials Enabled by BASF: 
NILS 480
Industrial Series

NILS 480

Build volume: 200 x 200 x 330 [mm]

An industrial SLS 3D printer ensuring more automated work and the best ROI on the SLS technology market. With the reinvented productivity in the NILS 480 you can print much more, continously.

Compatible Materials Enabled by BASF:

"Our partnership with BASF Forward AM is part of a long-term strategy to develop the widest range of materials and applications in the Compact SLS segment. Sinterit was the first company on the market to develop compact SLS and we are still the most innovative in this field, and a large part of this is the largest portfolio of materials made available to users. We have developed an important part of this portfolio together. Just as important as diversity is the reliability and quality of the materials, so BASF Forward AM is also a natural partner for us.We are constantly working together to develop new materials and refine the current portfolio in line with user needs and sustainability.And above all, BASF Forward AM is a really great team of people with whom we like each other very much and love working together having a lot of fun in creating a better tomorrow for SLS technology."

Use Cases

Real-Life Applications with Sinerit 

Somfy reaches for productivity with Sinterit’s SLS technology

Somfy, the world leader in the automatic operation of house and building doors and windows, is also a tech-savvy company. Using additive manufacturing for prototyping purposes, Somfy took a journey from outsourcing to setting up an in-house 3D printing lab. Now it uses the Sinterit’s Lisa PRO and Lisa X SLS 3D printers to achieve even more precision and design freedom.

Are you ready for a personal flying vehicle?

Being extremely weight sensitive, Jetson One needed to be manufactured with lightweight methods. And this is where 3d printing jumps (or flies!) in. Additive manufacturing gave Jetson a pretty good leg up in terms of making hollow structures and very narrow lattice patterns, that will make parts stiff and strong enough, but also keep as much of the weight out as possible.


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